Preschool/Kindergartens - St Kilda in Victoria Melbourne Australia


The kindergarten hosts open days during the year and we invite all interested parents to come and spend a morning in our beautiful garden with their children. The teachers and enrollment officer are present to meet you and discuss any aspect of the Kindergarten and it’s program. We do not offer individual tours.

Our annual Winter Bazaar brings together our kindergarten community to host of day of music, food and activities. This event is open to all and many old kindergarten families relish the chance to return to the kinder for a day of festivities. Our Winter Bazaar is held on the last Saturday of August every year.


Dates 2018

Term 4      8 October — 19 December

Dates 2019

Term dates

Term 1      4 February — 5 April
Term 2      23 April — 28 June
Term 3      15 July — 28 September
Term 4      7 October — 18 December

Open days

Saturday 30 March 10am — 12pm
Saturday 25 May 10am — 12pm

Winter Bazaar

Saturday 31 August


Autumn festival
Wednesday 3 April 10am (both groups)

Winter festival
Thursday 27 June 5pm (Monday/Thursday group)
Friday 28 June 5pm (Tuesday/Friday group)

Spring festival
Wednesday 18 September 10am (both groups)

Summer festival
Wednesday 18 December 10am (both groups)

Working bees

Sunday 27 January 9.30am — 12pm
Sunday 23 June 9.30am — 12pm
Sunday 18 August 9.30am — 12pm
Sunday 10 November 9.30am — 12pm

New parent evening (for children enrolled 2020)

Thursday 6 November 7.30pm


Thursday 21 November 7.30pm