Preschool/Kindergartens - St Kilda in Victoria Melbourne Australia

Life is interesting in every detail,
from morning till evening; the smallest
things are interesting.

Rudolf Steiner


The passing of our days, weeks and years is acknowledged and held in a way that provides the children with familiarity and security.

For our young children their play is their work. This is where they make sense of the world and develop skills for life.

Our daily rhythm focuses on the needs of our children. We ensure that across the day there are opportunities for 'breathing in and breathing out' - time for play and nourishment of the senses.

Each day the children will experience the same routine at a similar time. They will have times for play, for circle, to share meals and have a small rest.

Across the week the children will connect with the day through the weekly rhythm; painting day, eurythmy day, washing day etc.

As the year passes we look towards the seasonal changes for our guidanace.

Festivals & Birthdays

Festivals are an important aspect of our program, bringing the flow of the year to the children through meaningful celebration. Children come to festivals through their senses, so we try to create sights, smells and activities that the children become familiar with, creating anticipation for every festival.

Each festival is unique and carries it’s own symbolism and atmosphere. This gives the children a closer connection to the earth and acknowledges subtleties of nature that we can otherwise overlook.

We celebrate each festival as a whole kindergarten community in the last week of each term.

Birthdays are acknowledged and celebrated at our Kindergarten with the child and their family. The teacher leads the ceremony and the parents share their child’s story so far. We then enjoy birthday cake and morning tea, creating memories and milestones with the child.

St Kilda Steiner Kindergarten is proud to be one of the Kindergartens in Victoria, offering families the highest quality early childhood learning programs. With our unique play based learning programs, we will involve you in your child’s learning and help you understand and support your child as they prepare to transition to school.

As a sessional kindergarten in Melbourne, our aim is to provide quality early childhood programmes in a safe, supportive environment where children are cared and nurtured as competent individuals. We provide learning in our well-resourced classrooms and our large spacious play areas.

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